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Willimantic Half Marathon Training- A Reflection, Part 1

Holy cow. Things just got real. Week 15 is in the bag people! That means that the date I circled on my calendar since October 30th, 2015. That is a long time to be staring down a goal date and mentally preparing.

When I registered for my first half marathon, I hadn't run more than 6 miles at a time. And even that made me feel like I was going to pass out and need a stretcher to take me home. So, I questioned my sanity a little bit when I pressed the "Confirm" key and officially registered. There was no turning back.

And then I told everyone I talked to about registering and my goal, so I couldn't back out (Plus my sister registered and bought plane tickets, but we could have made a nice vacation out of it either way). I found my training plan, bought a planner to write it all down, and then waited patiently for January to roll around. I mean, I kept running and telling people about the half, but I wasn't really "in training" yet.

Bam! January 11th, 2016…

Willimantic Half Marathon Training- Week 14

Whoa! Where has the time gone?! Do you ever feel like you just have one of those weeks where there isn't enough hours in the day?

These past few weeks have been so busy for me, I feel like it's difficult to get in my training runs. I'd like to say I haven't missed a run, but that would be a lie. Part of it is because I felt like I needed some recovery time, but part of it is also the time factor. It's really stressing me out!

Week 14: 

Monday: 45 minutes on elliptical, core strengthening

Tuesday: Rest day
I just wasn't feeling it. My legs were tired from my long run on Sunday still and it was pouring outside. I probably should have gone to the gym, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So I came home early and hung out. I'm okay with the decision.

Wednesday: 6 miles
My new Altra Provision 2.5 shoes finally came! And man, they are beautiful! I know there's a break in period for them, but I couldn't help myself. I ran all 6 in them and my legs fe…

Can I Get Fries With That?- A Look At Post-Workout Snacks

If you're like me, I think any type of running is a huge accomplishment. It's huge just to get out the door and even start. And then to go 3, 5..or *gasp* 13.1 (or LONGER!) miles, well heck! I deserve to treat myself. (Side note, I now imagine Tom Haverford whispering in my ear "treat yo'self!" But I digress...)

So it only seems natural that after a run you deserve a delicious post-run snack, right? Like pizza, or ice cream, or a bagel and cream cheese. I'm guilty of eating all of those post-run. Every single delicious calorie.

Here's the thing though. While those snacks might be delicious, they're not fueling our bodies in the ways we need after a run, especially after a long run.

I was inspired by to write about healthy snacks to help refuel the tank and make sure you're getting the most out of your hard workouts.

The Science:
Sorry to have to get nerdy on you here, but I feel like a quick science lesson is in order. Just a short one. I…

Review: Orange Mud HydraQuiver Single Barrel

Disclaimer: I purchased the Orange Mud HydraQuiver with my own money. I was not given this product to review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

If you've read any of my other posts or follow me on Twitter, I've been complaining recently about my hydration woes during my runs. I've been looking for a new hydration belt/pack/handheld/ANYTHING and I can't seem to find something that has:

A: A bottle big enough to suit me (I confess, I love to drink water while I run. Love it. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!)
B: A pouch large enough for all of the crap I carry- I have to carry my phone when I run. Even if I'm not listening to music, I feel safer when I have it. Plus I need space for fuel.
C: Some level of comfort

Enter the Orange Mud HydraQuiver into the conversation. I had done my research on different belts vs. packs and I always came back to Orange Mud. It looked so innovative! Then I started chatting with some runner friends on twitter and they ALL recommen…

Willimantic Half Marathon Training-Week 12

Holy Cow! Week12! This week training was still ramping up, working on increasing distances and pacing myself. I honestly can't believe the race is at the end of this month. Only 1 more week until taper!

Weekly Workout Recap:

Monday: Cross-training
-30 mins bike, core and glute strengthening
I was still recovering a little from my long run over the weekend and took it easy on Monday for my cross training day. I knew I had to get in some strengthening through, especially my core. That's a part of my training I regularly neglect, and we all know how important core strengthening is! 
Tuesday: 5 mile run with Marathon Sports Mashpee Run Club I was recently invited to try out the local run club and I'm officially hooked! They rolled out the 5 mile loop this week, which was perfect since that's what was on my schedule. It was awesome meeting some people I'm friends with on Twitter and Instagram! 
Wednesday: 8 miles, steady pace of 10:30/mi  I wasn't really feeling this ru…