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Rock n' Roll Philadelphia Half Training Recap- Week 4

Well, I got sick of waiting around to see if my plantar fasciitis would get better and I decided to just go for it. You need to actually train for a half marathon, right? So I thought I'd get back on the metaphorical horse this week.

Monday- 4 miles
Summer has truly hit. Holy cow it was hot. And disgusting. I think I guzzled more water/Nuun during that run than any other (including my half). My pace was decent (10:05 min/mi) but it was truly a hot one!

Tuesday-Cross training: 35 minutes elliptical, core strengthening
Hit the gym on Tuesday for some cross training on the elliptical (is that really cross training? I'm never sure) and some core strengthening. It was nice to be in air conditioning!

Wednesday- Adaptive Cycling
I LOVE my job and I am so lucky to get to participate in such awesome adaptive sports to help people with disabilities. Wednesday was adaptive cycling!

Thursday- rest
I decided to take a rest day to kick my feet up (literally), stretch out my PF, and generally re…

Rock n' Roll Philadelphia Half Training Recap- Weeks 1-3

Week 1: As any training plan starts the mileage is low and the times are not particularly fast as you get back into the swing of things. It was no different for me. I probably went even slower than usual, trying to nurse my left foot into cooperation. My left heel has been bothering me for a couple of months now, not so much when I'm running but it can be horrible right after the run. 
The people at Kendall GelThotics were kind enough to send me a pair of their gel orthotics to help me along with my training plan. I put them to use right away, wearing them in both my work shoes and then switching them over into my running shoes. 
My heel felt awesome at work, no pain at all! It was truly amazing and work was a breeze. Running was a slightly different story, unfortunately. 
I made it through my week 1 runs successfully, but I was hurting afterward. I wanted to keep going with my program but I decided that my end goal was more important in the long run. So I decided to take a break …