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Johnny Kelley Half Marathon Training Weeks 4-5

Wow it's been a busy couple of weeks! Training Weeks 4 and 5 are in the books which means there are only 11 more to go! Yay! haha...I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself. My race is at the end of May and we're only in the middle of March. So I've got awhile to go. But I digress.

Week 4: 
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: Gym day! Elliptical and strength training
Friday: 4.5 miles
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: 9.15 miles

Total Mileage: 23.65 miles

Week 4 felt really good. I felt like I was really able to find my pacing again and maintain a steady state during all of my runs. Sunday was super cold at a "feels like temperature" of -5 degrees, but I made it through!

Views like these don't hurt either! It was nice to run with all of the trees blocking some of the wind.

Week 5: 
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: Unintended rest :(
Thursday: Gym day- Elliptical and strength training
Friday: 4.1 miles
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 6…