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May Running Reflections

Or maybe a better title for this post is "May Rehabbing Myself In The Gym Reflections." Ouch. Not at all how I wanted to come back after my race!

So everyone remembers I finished my first half marathon on April 30th. Yay! So exciting, tears flowing, hugs everywhere. I couldn't wait to get back in my sneaks and hit the pavement. So the Tuesday Run Club seemed like a perfect way to get back in the swing, have a nice little 3 mile jaunt, and hang out with some cool people.

And there in lies the problem. Instead of taking it easy like my still recovering muscles and joints probably needed (that's PT brain talking), my runner brain said "GOOOOOO!" and man, did I lay down my fastest 5k ever or what?! And I felt damn good doing it! No hints of soreness anywhere. But unfortunately, I think that laid the groundwork for some not so spectacular things in the near future.

That Friday I went out on my usual 4 mile loop and felt great again for the first 2.5 miles. And t…

Happy Runniversary!

Happy Runniversary to me!
I started running a year ago today. I can't believe it. It all started because I wanted to quit the gym and man, what a journey it's been! 

In a year, I've gone from tolerating running for maybe 60 seconds at a time to finishing my first half marathon last month. I've had quite a few ups and downs, but I honestly wouldn't trade this past year for anything. 
In honor of my runniversay, I want to give a shout out to everything that's kept me going this past year: 
Altra and Hoka One One shoes: A good pair of shoes is a must. I wasn't too wise when I started running, but quickly found out the hard way. Though different in so many ways, I love my Altra and Hokas equally. They both kept me running strong this past year and I couldn't have done it without them. 
Garmin watch: I love running, but I hated using my phone to track my runs. It killed my battery and it wasn't super accurate. Enter my super sweet Garmin GPS watch. I have …

10 Things I Learned While Training For A Half Marathon

In case you didn't hear, I finished my first half marathon on April 30th, 2016! And I already signed up to race in my second at the end of this month. Crazy, I know! Never in my life did I think I would be able to run even 3 miles, yet alone finish a half marathon. That was always something for another group of people.

But, on the eve of my Runniversary, I wanted to take a look back at what running for an entire year, training for, and finishing a half marathon has taught me.

1. Start Slow- I am proud to say that I am a successful Couch to 5k'er. It took me longer than the training plan said it would. I was not a runner when I started, but I definitely was when I finished. It's okay to take things at your own pace and to listen to your body. There were definitely weeks I had to repeat during C25K and I am definitely glad I did.

2. Don't Be Afraid To Share- All I can talk about now is running. I'm pretty sure it's getting on my fiancĂ©'s nerves. But I know I ha…

Level Up Virtual Runs 2016 Ambassador

As someone still relatively new to running, the running community is a very warm and loving place. But it can also be quite intimidating. Everyone I've met and talked to has achieved so much, and they're all cheering for me to go for my goals, but still. There were times when I felt like I didn't stack up. Which is silly, because I know I should only care about me and what I'm doing.

Enter virtual runs. 
I had put out to the world I was training for my first half marathon, but I wasn't quite ready to put myself out there just yet. I wanted SOME sort of tangible proof that I was training and I was out there running!

Virtual runs allow runners of any age or experience to get out there and just run. And then get an awesome medal to show the world- hey! Look what I did!

I am SO excited to announce that I have been accepted as a 2016 Ambassador for Level Up Virtual Runs!
Level Up is an awesome new company with the simple mission of keeping runners motivated while they&#…

The Willimantic Classic- 13.1 Miles of Fun and Accomplishment

Not to spoil the ending for you, but I DID IT! I'm an official Half Marathoner! I'd be lying if I said I didn't go into Saturday's race as a big ball of nerves. I knew I could do the distance (I had done it twice before, plus a 14 miler) but still. I've never been in race conditions before. How would it all go down?! 
The Willimantic Classic was, in one word, awesome. It was a small town race, which has its drawbacks, but I absolutely loved it. Before signing up for my first half, I had researched some and decided Willimantic was right for me. It was close to where I live, not too many runners, and people had described the course as "pretty flat." Well, 2/3 isn't so bad. But more on that later. 

I had laid out my Flat Runner the night before, snapped the obligatory pics, and set my 3 alarms for the next morning. We stayed at a hotel about 30 minutes from the race the night before, so I wanted to make sure I was up early enough to A) Get ready B) Eat s…