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Rhode Races Providence Half Marathon

Whoa. Where has the time gone? Where have I gone? I'm finding it somewhat challenging to train for a half marathon, be present in every day life, and maintain a blog. So I've (obviously) cut back quite a bit...but I'm back with an update about the Providence Half Marathon that I ran on May 7, 2017!

I had 13-14 miles on my training schedule and I thought to myself, if I have to run the distance anyways, why not get some bling for my efforts? Am I right?!

Enter Providence Half Marathon.

I signed up for the race back in November or December when I first looked at my training schedule and picked this race because it was touted as a "fast and flat course" and a "major Boston qualifier" (obviously for the marathon distance) which led me to think that if a ton of people BQ then it has to be somewhat flat...Oh silly Sara.

It was anything but flat. It was pretty. It was fun. But it was HILLY! There was one hill that literally took a HALF MILE to crest. No joke. …