BUFF® Pack Run Cap Review

Disclaimer: I received a BUFF® Pack Run Cap to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews! 

For my entire running career I've firmly been in the "no hats" camp. I know trucker hats are all the rage and I have tried to like them and have worn them on a couple of runs when it's been really rainy, but my head overheats so quickly! I'm purely a headband only type girl.

When I got the opportunity to try the BUFF® Pack Run Cap  through the BibRave Pros I was honestly on the fence about it at first. I knew I wasn't a huge fan of hats, but when I did a little more research I decided to give it a go and see if I could be swayed.

BUFF® is known for their innovative products including the tried and true Original BUFF® as well as all of their other products that incorporate the newest and most innovative technical fabrics. Of their Pack Run Cap, BUFF® says that they made it"ultralight and ultra smart...to go the distance" and with "UPF protective materials for sun protection on long races and extended training days." 

When I got the Pack Run Cap in the mail the first thing I noticed was how incredibly light the hat was. I couldn't believe something could be that light. I was still slightly nervous to put it on my head because I have a pretty big dome piece and the hat didn't look super accommodating. Boy, was I wrong!  The fabric is so stretchy and really conforms to your head. There is also a nice adjustable cord in the back for a secure fit around any size head. 

The first time I took the Pack Run Cap for a spin it was a sunny, 80 degree day. I was super excited to wear it, but also nervous. I REALLY don't like being too warm when I run, but I had faith in BUFF®. As I ran I just kept thinking to myself that I couldn't believe how light the hat was! I actually forgot for a little I was wearing anything. Well, long story short the Pack Run Cap felt great, I was so happy how much sun it kept out of my eyes (yay no squinting!) and in a gross TMI sort of way I couldn't believe how much sweat it soaked up. Like seriously. I think it got at least a pound or two heavier. TMI, I know. 

-5 awesome colors that are sure to go with any running outfit (because, duh!) I got mine in Meeko Multi 
-Super lightweight
-The fabric filters out 98% of the sun's UV rays
-So compressible it can fit almost anywhere
-Awesome 4-way stretch fabric to fit (almost) any sized head
-Great adjustable cord for a secure fit
-Moisture wicking to the extreme!

- I love the colors, but there could always be more!
-And that's about it. Seriously. It's an amazing hat.

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