2017 Wiivv Ambassador!

A couple of weeks ago I got some exciting news and I am THRILLED to share it with you all today.

*drum roll please*

I was named a 2017 Wiivv Ambassador! 

As a physical therapist and runner I know how important our feet are. We use and abuse them. They are wonderfully engineered machines, but you don't need to be a medical professional to know that if your feet hurt, you're basically miserable. 

Enter Wiivv. 

Wiivv designs and makes the most advanced custom-fit footwear, accessible to everyone from a smartphone. 

WHAT?! A smartphone?! That's right. 

Download their app, measure your feet and snap some pics using the app, send off everything to Wiivv, and within 7 days you will receive your CUSTOM 3D printed insoles. It's as simple as that. And let me tell you, it's effective. 

We need to take care of our feet, they keep us moving forward through life. Our feet attack the ground and let us continue to participate in the sports we love. 

Why not treat them to a little lovin' and give custom 3D printed insoles a try? You won't be sorry. 

Click the link below for 20% off your purchase from Wiivv! 


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